Our host family program is to help create an international family relationship.


When you travel or study abroad, there are often many accommodation options available during your time abroad. One of the most rewarding experiences can be starting your international student experience in a new country by registering with a high quality home stay organization. Starting your study adventure by staying with an approved local host family can allow you to really experience what life is like in your host country.

Starting with a home stay program is a great option every volunteer. It offers a "real-life" experience that is second-to-none, and you will find that it could be one of the most rewarding parts of any international experience. Home stay programs allow our volunteers to jump right into their volunteering without the worries of finding housing, furniture or signing a lease all from overseas. In fact, if you are over 18 and start your experience in a home stay environment, your host will typically help you with many of your future decisions, including different long-term accommodation options.  

Home stay programs arrange for international volunteers to live with local hosts/ families during their time in Africa. Living situations in home stay programs range from basic room to complete host/family immersion. In a home stay program, you will typically have your own room, but join the family for meals and take part in their normal daily routine. Host families can be families that have younger or teenage children themselves, but home stays can actually be offered by anyone. Host families often choose to offer home stays because it’s a great way for them and/or their own children to meet with international volunteers and be exposed to different cultures.

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